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Brown, Lester R. (1978). The Twenty-Ninth Day: Accomodating Human Needs and Numbers to the Earth's Resources. The purpose of this book is to examine the interaction of the world's ecological, economic, and social systems. It is divided into 12 chapters, with the first chapter providing an introduction and overview. Chapter two assesses the dimensions of the ecological stresses being put on the environment, specifically, the world's oceans, forests, grasslands, and croplands. Chapter three points out some of the consequences of these stresses. The fourth chapter considers the trends and dangers of population growth and urges population stabilization. Chapter five discusses the energy situation and the transition from petroleum to nuclear, coal, solar, and other alternative energy sources. Chapter six examines the food economy and what has and can be done to ease world food shortages.  Chapter seven studies the economic stresses of inflation, unemployment, capital scarcity, labor production, and the slowing of economic growth around the world. The eigth and ninth chapters deal with the social and ecological significance of the distribution of wealth both among and within societies. Chapter ten discusses the accommodations to the earth's natural systems and resources that must take place. The last two chapters concentrate on how these accommodations will be accomplished, and who will be involved in the process.   [More]  Descriptors: Birth Rate, Climate, Climate Control, Conservation (Environment)

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