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Standing Rock organizers respond to Keystone Pipeline oil spill in South Dakota a year after the Backwater Bridge confrontation where water protectors faced water canons in subfreezing temperatures. Tribal members Chase IronEyes, Phyllis Young, HolyElk Lafferty, and LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard explain the current #NoDAPL movement and the ongoing legal defense of water protectors - sign the petition to #DropDAPLCharges at ...

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What did you learn in school about the "first Thanksgiving"? ...

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Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network on Democracy Now! ...

Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network responds to the 210,000 gallon Keystone oil spill in South Dakota: "Every pipeline is going to leak. We know that."

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This is the exact threat that the Lakota people were trying to protect their sole source of water from at Standing Rock. #NoKXL ...

A Keystone Pipeline leak poured 210,000 gallons into South Dakota -- the controversial pipeline system's largest spill ever in the state.

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Water protector HolyElk Lafferty had a hearing yesterday for her upcoming #NoDAPL trial over charges incurred at the raid of Last Child Camp on Feb. 1, 2017. Here's updates from LPLP attorneys, fellow defendant Chase Iron Eyes, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard. Filmed by Angelo Wolf. #StandWithHolyElk ...

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Lakota People's Law Project shared Sacred Stone Village's Stand Up, Fight Back!. ...

As we stood in support of Lakota Water Protector and mother, HolyElk Lafferty, 210,000 gallons of oil spilled onto Mother Earth due to the negligence of the Keystone Pipeline. HolyElk faces charges related to her arrest on 1868 treaty land, during the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Its time to stop believing the oil companies when they guarantee that these pipelines are safe and present no threat to our water and land. We continue to stand with all water protectors as they deal with unjust charges for protecting our water and land for future generations. Thank you to the Lakota People's Law Project for their continued support.

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Lakota People's Law Project shared their event. ...

Action to Drop DAPL Charges 11/20

November 20, 2017, 10:00am - November 20, 2017, 12:00pm

On Nov. 20, 2017 — the one year anniversary of the militarized police response at Backwater Bridge — the Lakota Peoples Law Project will join HolyElk Lafferty, LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard, Phyllis Young, and Chase Iron Eyes to deliver 55,000 petition signatures to the North Dakota state's attorney asking that he #DropDAPLCharges for the remaining water protector cases. The petition signatures were collected by the Lakota Peoples Law Project both online and in person, and will be delivered to Allen Koppy at 10 AM. A press conference will follow on the steps of the courthouse at 11 AM. Supporters, press, and independent mediamakers are encouraged to attend. Please RSVP and SHARE to show solidarity with the leaders of the Standing Rock movement and the hundreds of water protectors still facing criminal charges for their participation in the historic #NoDAPL movement. “Nobody should suffer consequences for protecting our only source of water.” -HolyElk Lafferty

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Lakota People's Law Project shared their post. ...

Hello relatives! Please consider taking a moment to add this frame to your facebook profile picture in solidarity with HolyElk during the week of her hearing. Choose one of the links below: RED OVERLAY: BLUE OVERLAY:

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Lakota People's Law Project shared Rob Wilson Photography's post. ...

Happening Now: The Makwa Initiative - Line 3 Frontline Resistance has shut down construction in Wisconsin! 2 Water Protectors locked down! SHARE! Photos to follow! #StopLine3

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If you can't attend HolyElk Lafferty's hearing tomorrow, please send prayers and positive energy.

Thank you Sacred Stone Village for this video, please share widely!

Tomorrow, November 16th, at 10AM HolyElk Lafferty will be in court facing misdemeanor chargers for trespassing and inciting a riot. Please join us in supporting her and all the other water protectors that are still facing charges. Thank you to the Water Protector Legal Collective for their constant support and keeping us informed on upcoming hearings. #standwithholyelk #sacredstonevillage

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TOMORROW is HolyElk Lafferty's #NoDAPL hearing. Please RSVP to show solidarity with her! #StandWithHolyElk ...

HolyElk's #NoDAPL Hearing

November 16, 2017, 10:00am - November 16, 2017, 11:00am

Water protector and mother HolyElk Lafferty has a hearing on Nov. 16 for her upcoming #NoDAPL trial. HolyElk was arrested for "trespassing" on 1868 Treaty Land during the Last Child Camp raid on Feb. 1, 2017—land that, ancestrally, has belonged to the Lakota people since time immemorial. The hearing is on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 10:00 AM CST in the Burleigh County Courthouse, 514 East Thayer, Bismarck ND Details on how to show solidarity with HolyElk for her hearing are coming soon. Cover photo by Doug McLean.

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